How to Block Your iPhone from Sending Browsing Data to Chinese Firm Tencent

, How to Block Your iPhone from Sending Browsing Data to Chinese Firm TencentApple has always posed as one of the largest privacy advocates in the entire world, claiming most of its investments are based on efforts to protect users and their data.

On the other hand, the company sometimes comes in the spotlight for matters that have little to do with user privacy. One such example is a recent discovery that certain browsing data on an iOS device might be sent to none other than Chinese tech giant Tencent.

If the name of this company doesn’t ring any bells, Tencent is one of the Chinese firms involved in censorship scandals and linked to various questionable programs launched by the Beijing government.

Without a doubt, news that Apple might be sending some browsing data to such a company doesn’t sit well with privacy-obsessed customers, especially because iPhones and iPads were supposed to guarantee this never h… (read more)

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