How to Block the Latest Text Bomb on an iPhone

There’s a new iPhone text bomb in town, and this time, it causes the device to completely freeze without users doing anything, all with just a text message.

Basically, this deadly text message is a combination of a few characters that must include the Italian flag emoji and a specific Sindhi language character, and when these two are put together, the message that you receive causes the iPhone to freeze.

While we’ve seen other text bombs before, this new one is even more harmful, as it can crash your iPhone without you doing anything. For example, similar bugs discovered (and fortunately patched) in the past typically required users to open a specific app where a text was received in order for the freeze to be triggered.

But this time, you can just leave your iPhone on the desktop and if someone sends you the malicious text, the device crashes without you even n… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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