Hackers Hack Apple’s New iPhone Anti-Hacking Hack

Apple has implemented a new security feature in iOS 12 that would essentially render iPhone cracking tools obsolete as long as they attempt to break into devices using the Lightning port.

This includes GrayKey, a device built by a company called Grayshift, whose clients include primarily governments and law enforcement trying to access data stored on iPhones allegedly used by criminals.

Apple’s new feature works by restricting the functionality of the Lightning port to charging only if the device hasn’t been unlocked within the last hour. This means that at least theoretically, devices like GrayKey should no longer be able to launch brute-force attacks to crack the passcode of iPhones, as the whole process typically takes more than an hour in the case of complex passwords.

But according to a new report, Grayshift has already found a way to bypass Apple’s new security feature, and despite the limitation, its cracking device is still 100 percent effective.

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