Going Back to iOS 16.3 Is No Longer Possible

As per Apple’s typical approach, the company is no longer signing iOS 16.3, therefore blocking users from downgrading to this version of the operating system.

iOS 16.3.1 was released recently with several improvements, and given the change announced today, once you install it, going back to the previous version is no longer possible.

To be honest, there’s no reason to do this anyway, as iOS 16.3.1 feels a lot more polished than its predecessor. In addition to the fixes that Apple itself announced, this new update most likely brings additional polishing, as it appears to resolve battery drains, making iPhones feel a little bit snappier and more responsive.

Apple wants iPhones to always run the latest version of iOS, so no longer signing older releases isn’t something uncommon. However, the ones affected by this approach are users who end up struggling with iOS 16.3.1, as any critical issues they might come across can no longer be resolved with a downgrade.

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