Elon Musk Could One Day Launch an iPhone and Android Alternative

The changes that Elon Musk made to Twitter after taking over control of the company have been controversial, to say the least.

Most recently, Musk ran a poll to decide if Donald Trump should be allowed to return to Twitter, with the ban on the former President’s account eventually removed – worth knowing, however, is that Trump hasn’t tweeted since the ban was removed.

At the end of the day, however, all these changes have produced an avalanche of criticism against Musk and Twitter, with some people going as far as calling for Google and Apple to remove the official app from the two stores.

Musk says he’s ready to compete against Google and Apple

While neither Google nor Apple commented on such an idea, it looks like the new owner of Twitter is fully prepared for a world without Android and iOS. In a post on Twitter, Musk says he’s ready to create his own alternative phone that would serve as a replacement to Android devise and iPhones if the app… (read more)

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