Download Photoflow App – An Instagram App That Is Perfect For Mac

Install Photoflow App on OS X

Install Photoflow App For Mac OS X

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great Monday, I know most of us are probably not having a great Monday, because well, it’s Monday lol, anyway read on…

Today we are highlighting a pretty awesome Instagram App for all of you Mac users out there. Sure Instagram looks great on an iPhone or iPad but for a longtime, the default Instagram app for Mac was average at best. This is where Photoflow changes things.

What Is Photoflow?

Photoflow brings Instagram to the Desktop on a Macbook pro or iMac. You can view your feed, view popular photos, search for hashtags, browse nearby photos, and search for other Instagram users.

Photoflow Features:

  • Switch Instagram accounts with ease by opening the sidebar accounts drawer.
  • Receive optional notifications for new photos, likes, and comments.
  • Swipe to navigate; works with trackpads and magic mouses.
  • Search for Instagram hashtags and people.
  • View recent comments and likes for your photos.
  • View trending Instagram photos and videos.
  • View photos/videos for nearby places.
  • Photoflow has a native video player to expand and play Instagram videos.

Photoflow Screenshot

Install Photoflow For OS X

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