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Hello everyone, you can now download MKMirror for Mac, before you do that, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great day so this week. I am having a pretty good time. Despite some relationship issues that I am facing right now and of course this pandemic, I can’t necessarily complain, sometimes you just have to count your blessings and not your mistakes.

Today we will highlight a truly cool OS X or rather, macOS app that is quickly gaining users and it is very well rated. I was actually supposed to have this app on this website 2-3 weeks ago but I we had to instead switch our focus on server related issues, hence the delay. I found this app while literally randomly browsing the web, I was browsing the App store to be exact, looking for some apps to check out and what not and I suddenly know MKMirror appear on the ‘New Apps’ list, I thought it had a weird name so I clicked on it and eventually decided to try it, a few minutes later, I decided to highlight it on our website so that some of you also can try it. I liked that it is really simple to use, it’s basically download, click one button and it works, so this should be a breeze for the lot of you, even if its not, they have a support page or you can leave a comment and I will try my best to assist. Remember that it is free so put your wallets away.

What is MKMirror?

MKMirror allows you to mirror your Desktop, built-in Camera, video and audio devices to Smart TVs and mobile devices. MKMirror uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol, an adaptive bitrate streaming communications developed by Apple Inc. There are freely available HLS players on every major platform.

MKMirror features:

  • Works out of the box, no cables required, easy-to-use user Interface.
  • Start mirroring with a click of a button. Easily select any video and audio device, control your Smart TV and monitor the CPU usage.
  • Scan QR code to instantly stream to any mobile screen.
  • Simply point the camera to the QR code. The Camera app (on iOS and iPadOS) helps you to start watching your Desktop or the built in camera of your Mac.

Install MKMirror on Macbook & iMac

MKMirror for Mac Screenshots