Changing Your iPhone Battery Now Costs More

It’s not necessarily a secret that iPhone repairs are pretty expensive, and starting this week, they are even more expensive.

This is because Apple has increased battery replacing costs for out-of-warranty models.

As observed by CultOfMac, Apple now charges $89 for all iPhones that are no longer covered by warranty.

As such, if you want to replace the battery in an iPhone X or an iPhone 13, you’ll now be charged $89. Previously, the same servicing was available for just $69.

The $20 price increase isn’t necessarily surprising, especially because pretty much everything is becoming more expensive these days.

However, the rising prices for older iPhones could convince some owners to get a new phone rather than invest in the current model. If you own an iPhone 8, for example, replacing the battery at the Apple Store now costs $69. The same for an iPhon… (read more)

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