Change My Mind: The 2020 iPhone SE Makes Absolutely No Sense

Apple has finally announced the second-generation iPhone SE, and contrary to all the rumors, it’s not called iPhone 9 (even though at some level, this made so much sense).

The new iPhone SE is technically a lightweight iPhone 11 into the body of the iPhone 8, which has already been discontinued following the debut of the new model.

“iPhone SE packs our most powerful chip into our most popular size at our most affordable price. It’s just what you’ve been waiting for,” Apple says.

In just a few words, the 2020 iPhone SE is essentially a new iPhone with an old design sporting new hardware and old features. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, let’s have a closer look at the whole thing.

The new iPhone

The purpose of the iPhone SE was to convince users sticking with older iPhones to upgrade to newer hardware and benefit from the latest Apple products and services.

To do this, Apple used the smallest iPhone design at that point but installed new h… (read more)

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