Brazilian Police Seize iPhones from Stores Due to the Lack of Charger

Apple’s decision to remove the charger from the box of new iPhones is causing massive problems in Brazil.

After the Ministry of Justice issued a ruling in September to suspend the sales of new iPhones in the country because they do not include a charger, the local authorities turned to plan B earlier this week as a result of Apple not complying with the requirements.

As a result, the police seized hundreds of iPhones from retail stores in an attempt to force Apple to comply with the ruling or stop selling the device in the country completely.

The local media is reporting that the whole thing happened in the capital of Brazil as part of an operation called “Operation Discharge.”

On the other hand, Apple doesn’t believe that banning the sales of new iPhones is something that should happen right now. The company claims that it should be allowed… (read more)

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