Better Late Than Never: Apple’s Face ID Will Work with a Face Mask

The new-generation iPhones go all-in on Face ID, the facial recognition system that makes unlocking the devices or authorizing a payment so much more convenient.

But starting 2020 when the world got hit by a health issue that just doesn’t want to go away, unlocking an iPhone in a public place has been one frustrating experience, all due to a reason you can easily anticipate.

Face ID wasn’t working with a mask, so instead, users just had to enter their passcodes pretty much because no other option was available. It was the moment so many people started missing Touch ID, as the fingerprint recognition would have worked like a charm during these crazy times.

Enter iOS 15.4

But as it turns out, Apple has finally received the message. This definitely took a while, but Apple eventually figured out that it needs to do something about it, so it’s now working to adapt Face ID in a way that would make it possible for users to unlock the iPhone with a mask … (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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