Apple’s iPhone 7 Puts the Samsung Galaxy S8 to Shame with Record US Sales

Apple’s iPhone 7 was the best-selling smartphone in the United States in the three-month period ending in April 2017, while Samsung’s S8 series achieved below-expectations figures that are even behind those of its predecessor.

Specifically, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a combined share in the United States of no less than 20.1 percent, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are far behind with just 8.1 percent. That’s even worse than in the case of the Galaxy S7 lineup, which achieved 8.8 percent, Kantar says in a new series of statistics published today.

In the United States, Android remains the leading mobile operating system with 61.7 percent sales share, but down 5.9 percent, while iOS is the runner-up with 36.5 percent and up 5.8 percent. The most surprising thing in the US mobile market is that Windows phones also scored an increase of 0.3 percent to reach 1.6 percent.

iPhone growth in China

In the EU5 market, both Android and iOS recor… (read more)

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