Apple’s $700 Mac Pro Wheels Used on Skateboard, It “Feels Like a Cadillac”

Available with a $700 price tag, Apple’s Mac Pro wheels are ridiculously expensive, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t sell well.

And as it turns out, you don’t have to buy them only to drag your Mac Pro around, but also to build one of the most awkward skateboards of all times.

The skateboard experts at Braille Skateboarding have ordered the Mac Pro wheels to do just that: install them on a skateboard and see how easy it is to install them on a new deck.

Needless to say, installing them isn’t necessarily easy since they weren’t designed for such a purpose, albeit with the right tools, pretty much everything is possible. And as you can see in the video, it all comes down to the available hardware, as the Mac Pro wheels actually face most challenges pretty well.

Expensive skateboard

Apple claims the installation is quite a piece of cake, although it goes without saying this is only valid when a Mac Pro is being used, not a skateboard.

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