Apple Will Soon Block Users from Installing Developer Builds of iOS for Free

Apple has found a very effective way to block users from trying out developer builds of iOS for free. The company is giving up on the configuration profile method and is embracing a system that will make it impossible for someone who isn’t part of the developer program to get the builds.

Right now, installing a developer build of iOS is pretty tempting, especially for power users who don’t wait to wait any longer to try out the latest improvements that Apple is working on.

More often than not, Apple also ships public betas of the same builds, typically a few days or one week later, but some users rush to install the developer builds to skip the waiting times.

A report from MacRumors reveals that Apple no longer wants to allow users to get iOS developer builds if they didn’t pay for an account.

Right now, if you want to be part of the developer community, you need to pay for… (read more)

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