Apple Watch’s 18-Hour Battery Life Is Just Ridiculous for a 2020 Device

, Apple Watch’s 18-Hour Battery Life Is Just Ridiculous for a 2020 DeviceApple Watch is currently the best-selling smartwatch across the globe, and without a doubt, this happens for good reason, as it comes with a feature package that other manufacturers have a hard time matching.

But on the other hand, while this feature package as a whole is impressive, not the same thing can be said when looking at the specs of the Apple Watch one by one.

And one important line that deserves more attention is the battery life.

As a long-time Apple Watch user, one of things that bothers me the most is the terrible battery life of the device. Back in 2015 when Apple launched the original Watch, the claimed 18-hour battery life was more or less acceptable, as theoretically, this meant you were supposed to be able to get through the day with one charge.

The 18 hours basically represented the time you were active, so charging the Apple Watch was mandatory every time you went to bed. At some level, this made sense, especially because the Apple Watch lack… (read more)

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