Apple Sued Over Alleged Blocking of Old iPhone Chargers

, Apple Sued Over Alleged Blocking of Old iPhone ChargersApple is once again thrown in a legal battle, as the company is now accused of blocking old iPhone chargers in an attempt to force customers to buy new ones.

Because every sold charger means money and money means business stability in the long term, the lawsuit says Apple did the whole thing on purpose back in October 2017 with an iOS software update.

While there’s no indication as to what update allegedly blocked old chargers, Apple rolled out three different iOS updates in October 2017, namely iOS 11.02 on October 3, iOS 11.0.3 on October 11, and iOS 11.1 on October 31.

Apple sued for unfair business practices and fraud

California resident Monica Emerson, who started the class-action lawsuit, explains in court documents that after installing the iOS update, her iPhone 7 began rejecting power adapters, with an error displayed on the screen when plugging it in.

“In or around October 2017, Plaintiff attempted to use her Apple Charger and received… (read more)

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