Apple Silicon Makes Apple the King of All-in-Ones

Apple is betting all-in on the Apple Silicon push, and as far as the iMac lineup is concerned, it looks like the company is winning big.

According to research published by Digitimes and also based on information obtained from the supply chain, Apple is expected to become the number one all-in-one provider in the industry thanks to the debut of the new models powered by the M1 chip.

And the reason is as simple as it could be: companies selling cheap AIOs are hit harder by the global health issue, whereas premium brands, such as Apple, are barely impacted.

The iMac production “remains unaffected,” Digitimes reports, with the same source adding that Apple shipped no less than 860,000 AIOs in the fourth quarter of 2020, whereas leader HP sold a total of 925,000 computers.

And the debut of the M1-powered iMacs, which started shipping on May 21, is expected to generate a huge increase for Apple, so it’s b… (read more)

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