Apple Says More Users Are Upgrading to New iPhones, Some Coming from Android

The number of users who are getting a new iPhone is on the rise, and Apple CEO Tim Cook says more people are coming either from an older generation or from, you know, the other mobile operating system.

Without specifically naming Android, Cook said in a conference call with analysts after the company’s earnings release that the number of switchers and upgrades has reached a new record for a third quarter, adding there’s still plenty of room for growth, especially thanks to the 5G focus.

“Both switchers and upgraders, we did extremely well in Q3. Both where we’re up strong double digits and the geographic representation of iPhone year over year comps looks extremely well. And so we’re really pleased with it. I would remind you that the billion number that I quoted also was iPhone, where we quoted a number earlier in the year and in the January call, I believe, of 1.65 billion devices is the total active devices just for just for clarification,” Cook said.

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