Apple Says All iPhone Production Problems Are Over

Back in November, Apple came up with an announcement that you don’t see too often. The company confirmed massive production disruptions hitting its Chinese suppliers, particularly due to the restrictions that were enforced by the local government, so Apple acknowledged that it wouldn’t be able to ship as many iPhones as it would have otherwise planned to.

The company warned that the waiting time for a new iPhone could increase substantially, and this is precisely what happened.

Getting a Pro during the holiday season was quite a challenge, with the standard iPhone 14 and the Plus becoming the only new iPhones available for same-day delivery due to lackluster demand.

Speaking with analysts after the earnings reports this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that all production problems have already been resolved.

This means production has been aligned with demand, so now Apple is building iPhones at the pace that it planned to reach from the very beginning.

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