Apple Releases Video to Answer Most Common Questions of Android Users

Apple has released a new video to make the transition from Android to iPhone a little bit smoother by simply answering the most common questions that Google users might have when planning the switch.

In the video published on its YouTube account, Apple’s purpose is as clear as it could be: the company provides additional information on how the migration from Android to iPhone takes place, hoping that by making the process clearer, more Google users would finally buy its smartphone.

“In this video, we answer the most-searched questions Android users ask before switching to iPhone. These questions cover a range of topics from moving to iOS, trade in, reliability, software updates, privacy, and support,” Apple explains.

Apple has created this video in such a way that it specifically provides answers to the most common questions, including how trade-in of Android devices work in the Apple Store and how the data stored on an Android smartphone can be transferred to an … (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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