Apple Might Also Be Working on a Foldable Notebook

Foldable devices seem to be the next big thing in the mobile market, and Apple obviously is looking at this new category as well.

We’ve known for a while that a foldable iPhone was on its way, but recent reports indicated that a foldable iPad could actually see daylight before this major upgrade goes live on the smartphone.

But according to Apple watcher Mark Gurman, a foldable iPad isn’t actually planned for 2024. In a tweet posted a few hours ago, Gurman says he hasn’t heard “anything about a foldable iPad in 2024,” therefore contradicting Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said such a tablet was planned for next year.

On the other hand, Gurman explains, 2024 is expected to witness the debut of a redesigned OLED iPad Pro as well as an entry level and Mini spec bump.

Display analyst Ross Young claims his sources haven’t said anything about a foldable iPad planned for 2024 either. On the other ha… (read more)

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