Apple Loses Another Patent Violation Lawsuit Against Qualcomm

The war between Apple and Qualcomm continues, and this time the one celebrating the victory is the San Diego-based chipmaker.

The court ruled against Apple, as the jury explains that the company violated three different patents and must pay a total of $31 million in damages. This is also the amount that Qualcomm was hoping to obtain as part of the legal dispute.

The lawsuit was started in 2017 by Qualcomm due to what it described as an infringement on three patents covering technology also used on an iPhone.

Qualcomm said Apple used its systems to allow a smartphone connect to the Internet after powering on, graphics processing and battery life, and traffic management features for the processor and modem.

The chipmaker was trying to obtain $1.41 per infringing iPhone, while Apple explained during the trial that one of its engineers, Arjuna Siva, was involved in the development of one patent that Qualcomm claimed it violated.

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