Apple Hit by the Global Chip Shortage, Cuts iPhone 13 Production

Apple launched the iPhone 13 with much fanfare last month, but as Tim Cook warned during the latest earnings call, the company is struggling with a component shortage caused by the global chip crisis.

In other words, some suppliers can’t produce enough components because they don’t have the chips for them, so Apple in its turn has no other option than to reduce the production of the iPhone 13.

Could this affect the global inventory of the iPhone 13 and increase delivery times? This is rather unlikely, especially since the device is already available for same-day delivery in some markets, but on the other hand, it could be a problem for Apple in the short term, as the company may fail to reach its production target this year.

A report from Bloomberg reveals that Broadcom and Texas Instruments are two of the largest suppliers who are unab… (read more)

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