Apple Fixes One Major App Download Annoyance in iOS 13

, Apple Fixes One Major App Download Annoyance in iOS 13One of the improvements that might escape unnoticed in iOS 13 concerns the app downloads from the App Store that you make with a data connection.

First, some context. On the latest version of iOS 12, downloading an app or game from the App Store without a Wi-Fi connection isn’t possible unless that app or game comes packed in an installer with a size less than 200MB.

In other words, anything that’s larger than this would require a Wi-Fi connection because good guy Apple thinks you may otherwise use your entire data plan accidentally by simply downloading apps from the App Store.

The bigger problem is that this restriction is applied regardless of data plan, so even if you’re on an unlimited contract, there’s not much you can do because Apple isn’t offering an option to ignore the warning or disable it from settings.

And while the recent change that <a href="… (read more)

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