Apple Fanboy Gets Gigantic T-Mobile Tattoo on His Arm for Free iPhone 8

Apple fanboys go to great lengths to have the latest iPhone model, and if this involves getting a gigantic tattoo on the arm, that’s perfectly fine.

That’s what Arizona-based Philip Harrison agreed to do for an iPhone 8 – which he should receive any minute now.

In a post on Twitter, Harrison reached out to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, offering to have the magenta logo of the US carrier tattooed on his arm. In exchange for an iPhone 8, that is.

“Hook me up with a iPhone 8 and ill tattoo the T-Mobile logo on my arm for all to see, you have my word @JohnLegere,” he posted on October 6.

Two days later, he went on with the challenge, searching for a tattoo shop but finding them all closed to the late hour.

“Sorry for the late response @JohnLegere no phone to tweet with, Went out looking for a shop but all closed, results tomorrow #TattooForPhilip,” he continued.

“Nice tattoo!”

Fast forward to the next day and here is Philip Harrison posting a new mess… (read more)

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