Apple Bolsters iPhone Security with More Frequent Passcode Requests

If you’re using an iPhone already updated to iOS 9 or any other version that’s newer than that, you’ve probably noticed that you are prompted to input your passcode more frequently than before. And in case you haven’t noticed that, you’re surely going to do it now.

This is because, with the release of iOS 9, and consequently all the other updates to this base version, Apple has tweaked the operating system to prompt users to enter a passcode when an iPhone or iPad has not been unlocked with a passcode for the last six days and hasn’t been unlocked with Touch ID for the past eight hours.

In other words, if you sleep about eight hours per night and you wake up to you iPhone asking the passcode, it’s because of the new change that Apple has made to iOS.

MacWorld writes that this change was implemented before t… (read more)

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