Apple Blocks iPhone Downgrades to iOS 15.4

Apple rolled out iOS 15.4.1 last week, and the new version includes several important fixes, including for a battery glitch that caused massive drains even on the latest-generation iPhones.

Given this is therefore a super-important release, Apple has decided to block the downgrades from iOS 15.4.1 to iOS 15.4, therefore making sure you can no longer go back to the operating system version that was causing so much battery trouble.

While the decision may sound harsh at first, it is not. This is something that Apple regularly does after rolling out new iOS software updates, so it was obviously just a matter of time until the downgrades to iOS 15.4 ended up being blocked anyway.

What’s new in iOS 15.4.1

The latest version of iOS comes with three important fixes.

First and foremost, Apple says it has resolved a glitch causing Made for iPhone hearing devices to lose the connection within some third-party apps. Then, Braille devices should no longer be… (read more)

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