Apple Announces the All-New HomePod mini

Apple has announced the HomePod mini, a new smart speaker that’s supposed to provide customers with latest-generation capabilities, all in a case that’s just 3.3 inches tall.

HomePod mini will be available in white and space grey for just $99, and it will offer music listening capabilities, Siri integration, and smart home connection.

“To achieve big sound out of such a compact design, the Apple S5 chip in HomePod mini works with advanced software to analyze the unique characteristics of the music and apply complex tuning models to optimize loudness, adjust the dynamic range, and control the movement of the driver and passive radiators in real time. The Apple-engineered full-range driver, powered by a neodymium magnet and a pair of force-cancelling passive radiators, enables deep bass and crisp high frequencies,” Apple explains.

Siri will provide customers with the full feature lineup to access messages, reminders, and notes, manage calls, and get all kinds of inf… (read more)

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