Apple Announces iOS 14.7 Beta 3

Apple has just released a new beta build of iOS for developers, as the company continues the work on another stable version of iOS 14.

Worth knowing, however, is that only developers can download the third beta build of iOS 14.7, but there’s a good chance the company also ships a public beta later this week for all testers.

iOS 14.7 beta 3 lands alongside new testing builds of watchOS 7.6 and macOS 11.5.

All eyes on iOS 15

While these beta builds are typically good news for testers because they get to try out new features coming to iPhones in advance, iOS 14.7 won’t bring too many changes, aside from additional HomePod improvements in the Home app.

And needless to say, while Apple keeps working on improving the performance of iOS 14, all eyes are already on iOS 15, the next major release announced by the company at WWDC a few days ago.

iOS 15 will be a massive release and will bring important changes and new features, as well as privacy enhancements that contin… (read more)

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