Apple Also Makes Mistakes: Here’s an iPhone 11 with a Misaligned Logo

Everybody knows Apple is the kind of company that pays an impressive attention to every little detail, and this is why its products are currently among the best on the market, especially in terms of build quality.

But on the other hand, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is always just perfect from the first attempt, and the iPhone 11 Pro that we have here is the living confirmation in this regard.

Share on Twitter by Internal Archive, this photo showing an iPhone 11 Pro comes with one little details which once you see you can’t unsee. It’s a misaligned Apple logo that was supposed to be centered and which for some reason has turned this particular device into quite a highly desirable product.

This is why the device has recently been sold for no less than $2,700, which is pretty surprising and once again shows just how much customers are willing to pay for a unique Apple product.

New iPhones already on their way

In the meantime, Apple… (read more)

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