Apple Already Planning an iPhone with 6G Support

Apple launched the iPhone 12 with 5G support the last fall, and needless to say, the company has made quite a big deal out of it, explaining how its new smartphones are among the fastest on the market.

All iPhone 12 versions launched last year come with 5G support, and going forward, it’s hard to believe the company would ever release an LTE-only model.

“Featuring the most 5G bands on any smartphone, iPhone 12 models offer the broadest 5G coverage worldwide. Models in the US support millimeter wave, the higher frequency version of 5G, allowing iPhone 12 to reach speeds up to 4Gbps, even in densely populated areas. iPhone 12 models also feature Smart Data mode, which extends battery life by intelligently assessing 5G needs and balancing data usage, speed, and power in real time,” Apple said.

So yes, the iPhone 12 is super-fast, but that doesn’t mean anything for Apple.

Hello, 6G iPhone

The company is reportedly planning a 6G iPhone already, with … (read more)

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