Apple Admits Some iPhone Users Actually Move to Android

The Apple vs. Epic legal dispute reveals more and more interesting tidbits, with one of the most recent documents shared as part of the lawsuit concerning the number of iPhone owners who actually move to Android.

The data, which was published on Twitter by Ben Bajarin, CEO and Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies, was used by Apple as evidence that “choice does exist,” as some of its customers do end up making the switch to Google’s operating system.

More specifically, Apple says 81 percent of the users did not switch to “another smartphone” in the third quarter of 2019. While Apple doesn’t specifically name Android, it’s pretty clear that 19 percent of the users did make the switch, eventually giving up on an iPhone for a device powered by Google’s operating system.

Migration happening both ways

The switching trends have increased and decreased several times, with the bi… (read more)

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