23% of iPhone Users Claims the Battery No Longer Lasts a Full Day After One Year

Android phones come with batteries that are constantly becoming larger and larger, all in an attempt to provide users with increased autonomy per each charge.

Meanwhile, Apple keeps betting big on its hardcore software optimizations, so while the capacity of the iPhone batteries is growing only slightly, the company hopes the power management to do the whole magic.

But according to research recently conducted by CIRP, the battery life of both iPhones and Android devices degrades substantially in the first year after the purchase.

Only 23 percent of the iPhone owners claim the phone still lasts a full day, whereas 30 percent of Android users explained they don’t need a charger for 24 hours after unplugging their devices.

The good news is that most phones are still in a good condition after 12 months, with 65 percent of the iPhone… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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